What can I do if my gateway is not online?

If your gateway is offline, there can be several reasons.

  • Check if your gateway is properly connected. It only works with an active connection to the power. Maybe someone accidentally cut the power. If this is the case, simply reconnect the gateway and wait 2-5 minutes. Refresh the Gateways page - your gateway should be back online.
  • Check if you are having problems with your Wi-Fi/Internet connection. If so, your gateway should come back online as soon as you fix these problems.
    Check if your Wi-Fi credentials have changed. Maybe someone changed the Wi-Fi information while the gateway was offline. In this case, it cannot automatically reconnect. Your gateway needs an active Internet connection to retrieve the Wi-Fi credentials and use the Wi-Fi.

How do I bring a gateway online myself?

As soon as one of the previously mentioned steps does not work, we recommend moving on to the next option.

Important preparation for the next steps:

  • Connect the network plug to the gateway and plug the network plug into the socket.
  • You will know that the gateway is powered as soon as the lamp on the side lights up red.

Option 1: Ethernet
If your WLAN does not explicitly block other systems via a firewall, this is the simplest solution.

    • Take an Ethernet cable and connect the gateway to your WLAN router.
    • Wait about 5 minutes.
    • Go to Sensors → Gateways or reload the page.
    • After 5 minutes at the latest, the status should have changed from disconnected to connected.

Option 2: Hotspot via mobile phone

  • Rename your hotspot to 'zypone-network'.
    • In Apple phones, go to Settings → General → About → Name and enter the above network name.
    • In Android phones, go to Settings → Connections → Mobile Hotspot and Tethering, press Mobile Hotspot, click on the name to change it.
    • Check again if the hotspot function is enabled.
  • Go to the personal hotspot in your phone's settings and enter the following password (case sensitive)
  • Place the mobile phone near the gateway (10 metre radius).
  • After 5 minutes at the latest, the status under Gateways should have changed from "Disconnected" to "Connected". Otherwise, reload the page (refresh).

What happens when I have WLAN reception?

As soon as you have WLAN reception once, the system can obtain the WLAN data of your location.