In this article you learn more about the Lumiform API


In this article

  • What is an API?

  • What can I use the API for?

  • How do I install the API?


What is an API?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is an interface between two programs through which two systems can interact with each other. Using preset programming modules, data can be transferred from one system to another to ensure a smooth workflow.


What can I use the API for?

You can use our API to export the data of your organization's forms and actions. Lists of forms and actions are paginated. Paginated responses also have a meta and a links property useful for navigation. 


How do I install the API?

  1. Please reach out to us if you want to use the API and we will enable it for you.
  2. You find your individualized API keys in the Lumiform Desktop App > Administration > API keys.

    For the installation you need both API keys.



!!! Make sure to NOT share your keys as they contain information to enable your Lumiform data. In case of an unauthorized use of the key you are able to reset the key. Please have in mind that once you reset the key, you also have to adapt the API in order to keep receiving your data.


Under "API Documentation" you find detailed information for your developer about the API and how to install it.