Fill out your first form

In this article you will learn how to fill out your first form with Lumiform Mobile.

In this article

  • fill out a form

  • Save form as draft

fill out your first form

To fill out your first form, take your mobile device and open the Lumiform App. 

In order to be able to carry out inspections, you must first have created a form template, which has either been assigned to you or is always available to you.

Form templates assigned to you can be found under ToDo, form templates that are always available for you can be found under Checks.

You start a form by first clicking on the title of the corresponding form.

You fill out the form by answering the questions according to the predefined answer type. To navigate between pages just swipe left or right.

Some answer types allow you to attach notes and photos or create an action regardless of your answer. This is helpful if you want to add more information to your answer, even if it was not explicitly asked for. To do this, click on the icons.

When you are finished with your form, click on "Submit". Your form window will close automatically and you will find the automatically generated report of this form under Done.

Save form as draft

If you want to pause a form and resume it later, you can save it as a draft. You do this by clicking on the pause icon in the top left corner.

You can find all drafts under Started. To continue a form, click on the title of the respective form and then on " Resume draft".