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Lumiform as an App for Windows

For now, Lumiform is currently not available as an app for Windows. However, we have a solution to ensure that you can still have quick and easy access.

To make using Lumiform more convenient, you can add it as a shortcut on your screen instead of opening it in a browser tab.

Here's how you can do it in the three commonly used browsers


To add Lumiform as a screen shortcut in Chrome:

1. Click on the three-dot menu at the top right of your browser.

2. Scroll down and find the "Save and Share" section in the menu.

3. Click on "Add link" item.

4. Then, click on "Create" in the next step.

5. Lumiform will be added to your start screen as an icon.

6. The next time you click on it, Lumiform will automatically open in the browser.

In Firefox, the process is slightly different and involves drag & drop:

1. Resize the browser so that you can see both the desktop and Firefox.

2. In the address bar, click on the lock symbol to the left of the URL.

3. While still holding down the mouse button, drag the mouse pointer to the desktop.

4. Release the mouse button to create the shortcut.

5. Lumiform will be created as a shortcut on your screen, although without a logo.

6. Clicking on the desktop shortcut will automatically open Lumiform.

This method doesn't work in Edge, but you can set Lumiform as your homepage:

1. Go to the three-dot menu in the top right corner of Edge.

2. Click on Settings in the menu.

3. Under Start, Home, and New Tabs, select Open these pages.

4. Click on Add New Page and enter https://admin.lumiformapp.com/.

5. Click on Add in the next step.

6. Next time you start Edge, it will open Lumiform as your homepage.


If you would like Lumiform as an app for Windows, please let us know by email or chat. We will discuss your request with our product team.