In this article, you will learn how to mark and filter your templates using categories.

Categories and what they are used for

Categories are mainly used for two major areas: forms and analytics

Forms can be grouped and filtered using categories. Once categories have been created and assigned to different forms, it is possible to filter by these categories in the forms library. To view the forms of a specific category, go to Forms in Lumiform Desktop and select the desired category by using the categories filter.

An example: A cleaning service offers cleaning services of the classes Basic, Premium and Gold. For each cleaning class several forms have been created to document the cleaning. With the help of the categories Basic, Premium and Gold, the cleaning service can now assign each form to the corresponding category. 

In our article on analytics, you can read about the extent to which categories can be used in analytics.

Create a new category

To create a new category, go to Administration → Categories in Lumiform Desktop and click "+ Add Category".

Next, enter the desired title and click on "Create category".

Assign a form to a category

To assign a form to a category, open any form in Lumiform Desktop. Click on the label at the top right of the form and select any categories you want to assign to this form. Save your selection and close the form by clicking on "Save & activate".