Getting started with Lumiform Analytics

This article overviews the features in Lumiform Analytics and how you can utilize them to gain insights into your organization's data.

Analytics is a powerful tool that can help you monitor and analyze data over time in your organization. From identifying trends based on the number of failed items to locating sites or groups that score poorly from forms, Analytics is packed with actionable data that can help your organization achieve and maintain success in compliance, safety, and more.

You can apply filters to narrow down the results. From top to bottom, the information on this page will show the following: 
  • The total number of submitted forms.
  • The total number of negatives responses. 
  • The average score of the forms in percentage.
  • The total number of overdue forms. 
  • The total number of actions.
  • Form fields/ forms / sites / groups / categories / pages or sections with most negative responses. 
  • Users / Sites / Groups / Categories / Checklist with most overdue forms.
  • Form fields/ forms / sites / groups / categories / pages or sections with hightest average score. 
  • Status of actions. 


From the tab on the top of the page, you have the option to deep dive into the specific data points. Check out the relevant support articles below on how you can view and interact with the data.

  • Overview:  View the total number of submitted forms in your organization.
  • Negative responses: Summary of the negative responses generates by every form. 
  • Scores: Global scores generates by every form. 
  • Overdue forms: Information about forms that have been overdue. 
  • Actions: Information about every action.
  • Summary of the results: global information about every form.