How to add and remove repeatable sections

In this article, we described how to create repeatable sections in your templates in the Lumiform desktop app.

What are repeatable sections?

Repeatable sections help you repeat sections as many times as you want and thus perform the same set of questions as many times infinitely by adding a new section each time.

When should you use repeatable sections?

Repeatable sections help you and your team to perform the same form section as many times in a row as you want.

For example, imagine you are performing a quality control check of a hotel room cleaning. You want to add a new section in your form template for each hotel room that asks the same things over and over again. You can easily do this using repeatable sections.

Or imagine you are an auditor for a chain restaurant. Some restaurants have three refrigerators that you check; some restaurants have ten refrigerators that you check. In Lumiform, create a repeatable section for checking one refrigerator and repeat this section as many times as you like.

This is how to create a repeatable section in the desktop-app:

  • Log in to the Lumiform Desktop App.

  • Click Templates in the main navigation.
  • Select the template you want to edit by clicking on the line.
  • Create a new section or select an existing one.
  • Check the "Repeat section" box on the right side in the line where you define your section name.
    You can add new queries or drag and drop existing queries to the repeat section so that users can repeat them during exams.

Please note that you must have the following user rights to edit repeatable sections: "Manage templates."

Note that any changes you make to your templates will only apply to future exams, not those already taken place.