Create Automatic Actions

Automatic actions are created during form submission and can be triggered using logic to create actions based on the responses given.

In addition to other types of actions, automatic actions allow you to dynamically create actions based on specific responses determined by the logic set for a form question.

Setting the logic and triggers for automatic actions is done in the first step of the template builder when building your form template. 

Setting a trigger for automatic actions

  1. Add logic for a question that you want to trigger an automatic action
  2. Set the desired trigger based on the response
  3. Choose "Create action" from the options

Defining your automatic action fields

The automatic action popup is open when you click on the "Create action" button, here you can define the fields and configure settings for this action. Fields that can be defined in the automatic actions are:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Assignees
  • Priority
  • Due date

You can predefine all of the values for these fields during template creation and action will be created containing the values that were set.

Additionally, fields can be configured to be filled out by the form submitter during the process.

If the checkbox "Should be defined by the person that fills out the form" is checked then during form submission the user will be able to enter the value for the selected field.

After checking that the form submitter should provide information you can set the field as required and the form cannot be submitted until the field is filled out.


If you want to set a due date for the action you can enter the number of weeks, days, hours, and minutes that will be added to the form submission time to create the due date for the action.

Even without asking the form submitter any information about the action you can notify them that an action will be created based on their response by checking the "Show form submitter that action will be created"

Automatic actions during form submission

Based on your configuration an action can be created without notifying the form submitter.

If a response triggers the automatic action when entered it will show a message to the user that they need to add information to the action created.

When you click on the "Provide details" button a popup opens allowing you to add information to the action:

If the response in the action has been marked as required the form cannot be submitted without providing details to the automatic action.