How to reset my account password.

This article shows you how to change your Lumiform account password or reset it in the event that you've forgotten your login credentials.

We know that forgetting a password can happen. We have more and more and it is difficult to remember them all. With Lumiform you can change it  easily and quickly. Unfortunately, you can only change your password via web app.

If you want to reset you password, you should: 

Web app:

  1. Open the password reset page. 
  2. Enter in your Lumiform account email and click Reset password.
  3. This sends out an email to your address. Check your email inbox for an email titled "Lumiform Password Reset".
  4. Click Reset your password in the email to open a web page.
  5. Enter in your new password and click Reset password.
  6. Enter in your  "New password" field.
  7. You can now log into Lumiform with the new password. This logs you out from existing logins for both the web app and the mobile app, prompting you to log in with your new password.