How to use Lumiform Mobile

In this article you will learn how and for what you can use Lumiform Mobile.

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Lumiform Mobile

You use Lumiform Mobile for the operational part, i.e. to carry out inspections and

audits and to complete tasks assigned to you.

The organizational part is done with Lumiform Desktop.

In the following you will learn more about the individual functions of Lumiform Mobile.


Under ToDos, you will find all the form templates that have been assigned to you and that have to be completed at a certain point in time.


Under Started, you will find all forms that you have started at an earlier time but have saved as a draft for the time being. You can continue and send this draft at any time after you have completed it.


Under Done, you will find all forms that you have carried out and completed. You can view the respective report by clicking on the form title.


Here, you find all form templates without a schedule that are available to you. You can start these lists at any time without having received an order for them.

Create action

Here, you can create an action and send it.