FAQ: Payment failures

This article helps to answer some of the frequently asked questions on payment failures.

How can I tell if there is a problem regarding payment with my plan? 

You can check if there's a payment problem with your plan by logging into the Lumiform web app. Then see if there's a "Subscription needs attention!" message on the top-right of the page, above your organization name.

If you're an administration or a user with the "Billing Management" permission or the billing contact, you will also be notified via email of any billing-related problems.


What happens when a payment fails? 

Lumiform is working with "stripe" for the payment. When a credit card payment fails stripe tries it again until it doesn't fail anymore. There wont be any data loss in the meantime. 

When a payment fails, we will make up to 10 attempts within 30-days to collect payment by recharging the credit card on file.

If the problem remains unresolved after 30-days, our system will automatically cancel the plan and suspend access to all accounts in your Lumiform organization.

Moreover, cause of the account stays also the data stays, once the customer pays he can log in again.


Do I get notified when a payment fails? 

If you're an administration or a user with the "Billing Management" permission or the billing contact, you will be notified via email of any billing-related problems, including payment failures.


Why did my payment fail? 

There's a variety of reasons why a credit card payment would fail. These reasons can vary between banks and the secure payment gateways we use to store your credit card details. Some of the most common causes include:

  • Card declined by issuer: The bank has indicated a problem that is blocking the payment. This can include credit limits, daily limits, invalid card details, or security protocols.
  • Expired credit card: The credit card has expired.
  • Insufficient funds: The credit card does not have enough credit to pay for the charges.
  • Restricted card: The card may require a PIN, is a debit card, has cross border/country restrictions, or is a business/corporate card with restrictions in place set by the business.
  • Lost or stolen card: The bank has blocked the payment due to the card being reported as lost or stolen. 


How can I resolve a payment-related problem? 

If the problem is due to the credit card being expired, lost or stolen, or simply needs to be changed, you can update your credit card details to resolve the problem.

In other cases, you may need to contact your bank or credit card issuer to get further details on why transactions are failing. If you require the exact reason why a payment has failed, you can contact our customer support team to find out.

We understand that it's not ideal having to contact more people to find out this information, so we're improving the payment failure details to allow you to find out payment failure reasons yourself.


How do you store my credit card details? 

Like most software companies, we at Lumiform do not store your credit card details. Instead, those details are stored on our behalf by Stripe payment gateways, global leaders in secure online payment gateways. Stripe follow rigorous security and compliance requirements to ensure your details are kept safe at all times.