In this article you will learn how to manage your users and invite new users.

In this article

  • Users and what they are used for

  • Create a new user

Users and what they are used for

In most cases you create user accounts for specific persons, e.g. John Magic, the site manager of the Funky Town site.
But you can also create user accounts for specific functions or teams, e.g. an account called Maintenance Hall 1. This option is often chosen if a mobile device is to be used by all members of the respective team. 

You can use users, for example, to assign ToDo to certain people, put people into groups and analyze done forms and their results on user level.

Create a new user

To create a new user go to Administration → Users in Lumiform Desktop and click on the button "+ Add User".

Enter all relevant information in the mask. With roles you can define which permissions this user should have. To assign a role to the user, click on the line under "Role" and select the corresponding role by clicking on it.

To add the user, click on the "Create user" button below.

The user will then receive an email to the email address entered above with a request to create a password. After the user has chosen an individual password, the software can be used immediately.